Character Building Starts NOW

While character formation begins at home, we believe everyone who interacts with a child or teen has an opportunity to teach or encourage positive social values.  I think we can agree that not all families and communities are reliably providing kids with the kinds of experiences that they need to build good, positive character.  With families being so busy today, even the most involved ones say they lack the time to cover these "extras."

We believe that when you make character a concrete, identifiable goal, the kids will internalize it and make it a part of their own mind. Our goal is to provide fun, engaging, positive and practical lessons that will help students build the character and competence needed for success.

A study by Oregon State University had powerful results. When involved in a character-based program

      • scores improved 21 percent on state reading tests
      • scores improved 51 percent on state math tests
      • suspensions dropped by 70 percent
      • negative behaviors were significantly reduced for those who participated for 2 years or more

Our students have the opportunity to learn a new character-trait word with each new 10 week cycle.  During this time, they will be asked to learn and tell what the word means, give a behavior example for the word, and complete assigned tasks at home with family.  All assignments are optional, but those who complete them will have the opportunity to earn a special character stripe at their next promotion.