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Look for a solution to your kid's confidence problem. There aren't many out there. I know, I searched high and low. Other than articles with a few "tips," there are simply no solutions out there to this growing problem.  That's why I created:

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It Starts With My Own Story:

My name is Kara Czerniak, and confidence was always something I struggled with, from early childhood into adulthood. Though I was always a high achiever, I always seemed to fall short of the pinnacle of what I desired from whatever I did. On the outside, I seemed to everyone else to be full of confidence (of course, I didn't know this until very recently).

I ran a business with my husband that I loved. We opened our first martial arts school in 1996, and my love of young children prompted me to start our Kinder Karate® business in 2012. I loved working with this very young population that no one in our industry wanted to be bothered with. Not only did I love working with them, but I seemed to be able to make gains and get results that no one else could. Every success prompted me to learn more about this age group, and soon, I dedicated all my time to it. The result was that our Kinder Karate® division became the fastest growing sector of our business.

But as I was having success with the business I was also working on myself. I knew that in order to reach the heights that I wanted to, I had to do some personal development. I thought I most needed help in my communication - to become a better speaker. What I quickly realized, and what changed the trajectory not only of my life, but is now changing others' lives, was that I did not need help in communication -- I needed help with confidence.

Through my personal journey, I developed what I believe is the missing link in all of the approaches to confidence building that are out there. You see, I was waiting for a feeling - the feeling of confidence. Though I could do "confident things" and others saw me as confident, I did not feel it on the inside, so I thought I lacked confidence. But what I soon discovered was that confidence is a behavior, and through practicing confident behaviors, you will produce confidence. It is not a feeling at all, and once I made this connection, I stopped feeding myself the untrue messages that I had been believing all along.

I soon discovered that I could replicate this result with the children I worked with. In doing this, I also unmasked the big "untruth" that all sports (and martial arts in particular) rely on to attract students. The "untruth" is this: That by working on the sport, or martial art, or whatever that may be, eventually you will gain confidence. And this is true, to an extent. But it is only true in a very particular, restricted way. For instance, you could be a great baseball player, but still exhibit shyness, or unconfidence in other areas of your life. Though the coaches and teachers believe that you will become confident almost by osmosis, this confidence in a specific area does not always apply to other areas of your life. In most cases, in fact, it RARELY does.

My rebuttal is that those beliefs are untrue for most, and most children never put in the time necessary to gain that confidence which could take years. I believe that in order to teach confidence, you must TEACH CONFIDENCE, and teach it in an open, understandable, concrete way.

This is the foundation and basis of my Kids Confidence Academy. Kids start to learn about themselves, inside and out, and discover that practicing certain behaviors will produce results. They learn what confidence really is - in a concrete way - and find with certainty that once they really "get it," no one can take it away, no matter what. The physical skills we rely on so much to produce confidence in kids may fade away one day (as in sports), but the skills learned to produce confidence will stay with them forever.

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