The best answers to all your
Kinder Karate® questions

Q: “I'm afraid that my child will use what they learn to hit their siblings or even their classmates.  Do you address this in class?”
Absolutely! We usually talk about this in the first class, and even make the kids make a verbal promise to not use anything they learn in class in the outside world, unless absolutely necessary.  They know and can recite that they are only allowed to practice on a pad or (at home) a pillow, if a pad is not available.

In fact, it's what your child will learn with us that will keep them OUT of fights. But should the time ever arise where they need to defend themselves, they will be able and ready.

Q: “My child has never been interested or done well in other sports. Will they still be able to do well in a Kinder Karate® class?
Yes!  Other sports are often unstructured, and even chaotic.  At the Kinder age, this kind of noise and chaos can sometimes be overwhelming, resulting in shyness and unwillingness to participate, and even tears.

Our Kinder Karate® classes have just the right mix of structure and fun.  Kids will be delighted when they discover how quickly they can make gains in coordination, speed, balance, and even agility. Often, they find they are good at something for the first time in their lives. And there is no competing for spots on a team. Everyone participates and everyone benefits.

Q: “Are your Kinder Karate® classes fun?”
Certainly! We believe martial arts classes don't have to look like the army. We know that if kids aren't interested, they aren't learning. We MUST keep the kids engaged and having fun in class, or they won't want to keep coming back. Kids at the Kinder age, in particular, accomplish much of their learning through PLAY.  Knowing this, we are just taking what their natural learning state is, and re-creating it in our school environment.

We always end with a fun, skill-based game, which incorporates 2 or 3 steps or rules.  Kids learn the technique, learn how to sequence, and learn how to follow a set of rules, all at once!  And because they are having fun, learning is never a chore.  We have the right balance of discipline and FUN.

Q: “How will your Kinder Karate® classes improve my child's confidence?”
Sometimes, this is the first time the child has done anything individually, without holding mom's hand.  We give rewards for small steps forward.  Each class ends with the children receiving a belt stripe when they can demonstrate what they've learned.  The stripes then build until they are ready for the belt test.

By giving them small, achievable goals, we build the kids' confidence one class at a time, and later one belt at a time. As they advance, they fill with pride, and look forward to moving onto bigger and more difficult goals.

We also encourage leadership, right from the get-go.  The kids gently get introduced to this by volunteering to demonstrate a technique for the class, and then later, to be able to lead a combo or sequence to teach a technique.  Beyond that, we have a leadership program where our 5 and 6 year olds have the opportunity to attend a separate class, and then help with the younger classes, demonstrating their leadership by giving positive encouragement, showing proper listening and attention behavior, and overall, how to role model for the younger kids.

Q: “How old should my child be to start in your Kinder Karate® programs?”
Our Kinder Karate® programs accept children at age 3, with an approved evaluation by the instructor.  Because our programs were written SPECIFICALLY for the development of this age, we are able to do great things with kids at this young age that other schools can't (or won't).

Q: “Are your kids Kinder Karate® classes girl-friendly?”
Martial arts are for boys AND girls. We know that boys and girls have different learning styles.  Boys often engage physically first, and then mentally, whereas girls will engage mentally first, and then the physical will come next.  We know how to make positive connections with the girls in a way that draws them out of their comfort zone, and encourages them to be the best they can be!

Our girls are some of the most confident, strong individuals you'll find anywhere. We take care to make sure that the girls are given all the opportunities the boys are given, including leadership opportunities.

Q: "How many students do you have in each class?"
Our Kinder Karate® classes will usually have 10-15 students in a class.  Students are always arranged into smaller, manageable groups, so that no student is sitting or waiting in line for long periods of time. 

Q: Will I be able to watch my child's class?
Yes!  Parents are ENCOURAGED to stay and view each and every class, and in most locations, are right in the room with your children as they train.  The only thing we ask is, no coaching from the sidelines, and no sideline noise. 

Q: Will my child be able to try out a class before we have to sign them up?
Yes!  We offer a no-obligation first class to all kids.  Your child is encouraged to participate in or watch that first class, according to their comfort level.  After that, parents are able to purchase a trial program.

Q. Are Kinder Karate® classes offered in sessions with a start and a stop date?
No, our Kinder Karate® classes operate year-round.  The only Kinder Karate® classes that have a start and stop date are our camps.

Q.  How much do the regular Kinder Karate® classes cost, and do I have to sign up for a certain period of time, or sign a contract?
The regular cost of our Kinder Karate® classes is $68 per month.  We do not use contracts or long-term agreements.  We simply ask for a 30-day quit notice, should your child wish to withdraw.