What makes our Kinder Karate® Preschool, Kindergarten, and Early youth specialized martial arts classes the very best in the industry?

"They" said it couldn't be done... that is, until WE did it. We created a program that combines solid kids' martial arts lessons with FUN and excitement, in just the right combo for this very young age group - preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

NO Yelling - NO Punishments. Just Positive Reinforcement
Most parents have never experienced the way we teach before... and are pleasantly surprised by the results we get, very quickly.  They are amazed at the control we have with the kids - without yelling.

We call our method the "Triple C Method." (Compliment/Correction/Compliment). We motivate the kids with positive corrections, telling them what we want, NOT what we don't want. Kids thrive on praise - they're hungry for it. And we deliver, highlighting the kids with praise and compliments. We teach what it means to be a leader and show the kids how to become one.

The Result?
Kids enjoy showing what they've learned. They love being the leader and the example for new students. And parents love that the behavior changes continue well beyond our walls.

Physical Gains: Fine Motor Skills, Balance & Agility
Our Kinder Karate® students will see an improvement (very quickly, in fact) in fine motor skills, balance and agility. Even more, parents will see an increase in their listening skills and ability to be still for short periods. With time, they love the changes they see in their children - increasing confidence, showing more kindness and courtesy for their classmates and siblings, and even more willingness to help at home.

Emotional Gains: Patience, Less Outbursts from Frustration
Kinder Karate® can help prepare your child for their first preschool setting, and can be a great partner in helping your youngster to show the proper behaviors at school that will keep them at the top of the class, and off the teacher's "naughty" list. This will continue in Kindergarten and beyond, as they learn what it means to be a leader and a positive influencer.

Mental Gains: Increased focus, confidence, memory & language skills
Our short class lessons in a small class setting will keep your kids moving and engaged. They will learn more than you thought possible, and will LOVE doing it. Every class is ended with either an obstacle course or skill-inspired game that will have them leaving on a fun note, looking forward to next week.

THIS is Our Passion.
It's simple.  We love what we do.  We want you to love it, too!  We give you 100% of our best, each and every class, and in turn, expect the same back.  Our students are our best spokespeople.  Their training and development speak for themselves, and continue to be the best advertisement for our second-to-none-training.